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1. Amazed by the Wonder (Amazed_by_the_Wonder)
Arr. for SATB with Piano Acc.
Moderately Fast
This song reminds us of the wonderful gift of our salvation and the sacrifice Christ made for us. It moves with stately grace from visions of the cross to that day when we will be “breathing heaven’s air” as we still contemplate the wonder of our redemption. It features a soprano solo in the second verse with choir back-up singing lush harmonies. Your pianist will have a chance to shine on this one also.
Full Score-Piano and Choir/$15  

2. Be Thou Exalted (Be_Thou_Exalted)
Arr. for SATB with Piano Acc.
Also, appropriate as a Solo.
Moderate Tempo
A song of praise and adoration to our Great Savior and King. It begins in an intimate tone with a simple desire to describe our Creator/Redeemer and moves on in the second verse to an attitude of worship and love as men and women echo their parts. The chorus is a majestic expression of honor and exaltation and finally ends in a thunder of rich, crescendoing chords.
Full Score-Piano and Choir/$15  

3. Blue Skies All The Way (Blue_Skies)
Arr. for SATB Choir or Quartet with Piano Acc.
Lively Tempo
A lighthearted song in the old tradition of Southern quartets. Its happy theme is about the Lord’s return and our blissful lives in heaven. With just enough rhythm to make your toes tap and words to make your heart lighter, this piece will surely bring a smile or two.
Full Score-Piano and Choir/$15  

4. Dare to Rise Above (Dare-To-Rise)
Arr. for SATB, Flute, Clarinet, Full Brass, Strings, and Piano
Moderately Fast
A song dedicated to my dear brother, Dennis, whose quiet determination, perseverance, and uncomplaining spirit in the face of very difficult circumstances is an inspiration to all of us to rise above our present difficulties on eagle’s wings. It challenges us to look at our “trial by fire” as the necessary prelude to our future crown and glory. The brass gives this piece its energy and unfaltering tempo and the flowing strings help the listener to feel caught up in the eagle’s flight to victory. Hopefully, this piece will strengthen your spirit if you are going thru a trial and leave you with a stronger hope in the Lord’s unfailing mercy and goodness.
Conductor’s Score: Full Score Choir and Orch./$25  

Orch. Parts in Individual Format /$15  

Choir Only/$10  

5. Heaven Could Be More Wonderful (Heaven_Could_Be)
Arr. for SATB with Piano Acc.
Moderately Fast
In a gentle, country lilt this song lets us dream of the day we reach that Golden Shore and the heavenly joys that await. But, it is also a reminder that we must reach out to our unsaved loved ones in order to be with them in that Celestial City. The dedication is to my sweet father-in-law, Duane Garrison, who died of cancer but was wonderfully saved and now waits for us in that city above. On his deathbed, he was able to tell his son, my husband, Larry, that he was not afraid to die anymore because he knew he would be going to heaven. Even as a new Christian, he had the calm assurance of the most weathered saint. The hint of country in this song and it’s happy tempo make it entirely suitable for a quartet or full choir.
Full Score-Piano and Choir/$15  

6. Help Is On The Way (Help_Is_On_The_Way)
Arr. for SATB A Cappella Choir or Group.
Lively Tempo
This energetic song reminds us of the power of prayer and the angelic hosts that are sent to assist us. We hear once again of Daniel’s powerful prayer and the response he received. In a world full of 911 calls, it’s a joyful reminder that we have an emergency rescue squad of angels that are ready at His command to come to our aid. This piece is full of hope and reassurance for the most harassed Christian.
Full Score 4 Part Harmony and Soprano Solo/$10  

7. He’s Still the Same (He_is_Still_the_Same)
Arr. for Choir, Piano, and Strings
Moderate Tempo
A gentle and smooth-flowing song that remembers the miracles of the Old Testament and the God of Abraham and Isaac. But the chorus gains power in the simple yet profound reminder that our God is still the same today as He was yesterday. Praise God He hasn’t changed! He is still Alpha and Omega!
Full Score-Choir, Piano, and Strings/$15  

8. I Choose Faith (I_Choose_Faith)
Arr. for SATB and Piano with Cello Trio
Optional Soprano Obligato part.
Also, appropriate as a Congregational chorus.
Moderate Tempo that does not hurry
This anthem was written in response to the terrible 9/11/01 attack. Based on Psalm 27, it begins with a simple statement of trust in God. It moves more confidently as more parts are added and finally declares in a powerful voice of assurance, “I will not be afraid, I choose faith!” The melody is simple and yet memorable, just like my wonderful father, Neil Robbins, whose convictions and faith were unmovable. His legacy of faith over fear is a continuing source of strength for my family. The beautiful soprano obligato part near the end adds an element of personal determination and inner strength that were the hallmarks of Dad’s personality.
Full Score-Piano, Choir, Cello Trio/$20 

Cello Trio-$10 


9. I Will Praise Thee O Lord (I_Will_Praise_Thee)
Arr. for SATB Choir with Piano Acc.
Also, appropriate as a Congregational Chorus.
Moderate Tempo
Based entirely on Psalm 9:1-2, this chorus flows gently along. The harmonies are simple but beautiful and could easily be changed to a 2-part piece. This piece is very easy and can be enjoyed without much effort. Yet the power of the literal words of Scripture give it a strong impact.
Full Score-Piano and Choir/$10 

10. Into the Light (Into_the_Light)
Arr. for SATB, Piano, and Flute
Written for Easter, although it would be appropriate in any worship service, this starts out with a haunting duet introduction with the piano and flute. Using a minor key, the first verse leads us thru the story of Jesus’ mock trial and suffering before he went to the cross. But, the chorus changes the somber mood to one of triumph and jubilation as it announces His resurrection from darkness to light and boldly declares Him to be our Conquering Hero! The flute part woven throughout this piece greatly enhances the beauty of the melody line, from the mysterious beginning to the dramatic ending that begins building in the bridge and continues to build in excitement until the last victorious notes of the chorus.
Conductor’s Score: Full Score-Choir and Orch./$25  

Orch. Parts in Individual Format/$15  

Choir Only/$10 

11. Loving Arms (Loving_Arms)
Arr. for SATB Choir or Quartet
Slowly and Gently
Only a mother could write lyrics that are as tender and sweet as those here. She has written the most basic and heartfelt plea of the Christian to be held in the Savior’s arms and be comforted during difficult times. Mom, whose life is spent in much pain, knows how to go to her Heavenly Father and pray. She’s done it since I was a child and it is as simple as breathing to her. Her words were scratched out on a notepad one day several years ago and I saved them until one day they began “singing” their prayer over and over in my mind. The 4 part harmony is woven together in an a cappella setting that lets each part shine until the final, earnest Amen.
Full Score 4 Part Harmony/$10  

12. Morning Will Come (Morning_Will_Come)
Arr. for SATB, Strings, Nylon Guitar, and Trumpet
Moderately Fast
An expressive song of comfort and hope for those who have suffered great loss. Dedicated to two very special fathers, it describes the soul’s cry of anguish when going thru great suffering, takes us to the tomb of Christ’s hour of midnight, then on to the third verse describing His glorious return and the joys of heaven waiting for us. The chorus gives strong reassurance that although “weeping may endure for a night”, joy indeed awaits us in the morning, even as it came for Christ in His resurrection. The guitar gives the piece a gentle, compelling rhythm while the strings flow melodically throughout the entire song. The addition of a brass trio in the last verse signals the Lord’s return and gives the last chorus a dramatic surge of power and excitement. Your choir will truly shine in this orchestrated piece and your listeners will be left with a strong sense of hope and a lifted heart.
Conductor’s Score: Full Score Choir and Orch. Parts/$25 

Orch. Parts in Individual Format/$15 

Choir Part/$10 

13. One Flicker of Light (One_Flicker_of_Light)
Arr. for SATB with Piano Acc.
Moderately Fast
This Christmas song begins by describing the birth of the Messiah in minor tones of awe and mystery. The tiny baby is described as “God Most Holy” who’s coming “pierces the wall of darkness” as a flicker of light. The chorus lifts our mood with a major key as the lyrics ring out joyful phrases of light and hope that stem from that one special birth. There is a quiet bridge that reminds us of Calvary, then the men and women sing alternating melodies and harmonies to reach a dramatic crescendo before coming to a quiet and peaceful end that seems to mimic the flickering of a candle. This song is very appropriate for your candlelight services and flickering candles in a darkened sanctuary are especially effective at creating the right atmosphere.
Full Score-Choir and Piano/$15 

14. Remembered No More (Remembered_No_More)
Arr. for SATB with Flute, Piano, Strings, Guitar, and Bass Violin
Also appropriate as a Solo, Quartet, or can be adapted as a Duet.
Moderate Tempo
This gentle song is the Christian’s heartfelt cry of thanksgiving for the total forgiveness available from God thru the sacrifice of Jesus at Calvary. Once again, the guitar gives this piece its relaxed but steady rhythm. However, the chorus begins to build confidently at the key change where the flute and piano take central roles and the melodic line becomes almost grandiose in nature for a while until we are led gently to the end that softly echoes “remembered no more”. The choir will enjoy some of the close harmonies in this song.
Conductor’s Score: Full Score Choir and Orch./$25.00 

Orch. Parts in Individual Format/$15.00  

Choir Part/$10.00 

15. With This Storm in Mind (With_This_Storm)
Arr. for Trio or Solo with Piano Acc.
Moderately Slow
This song is in the form of a ballad. It tells the story of the Christian’s life and struggle using the metaphor of a ship at sea that faces a challenging storm. We are once again reminded that Christ is our Anchor of the soul and has planned our lives down to the last detail. The bodies we are in, the lives that we lead, are all planned by our marvelous Creator who makes no mistakes and even plans the storms of our lives, knowing that the ship He created was tailored to meet and conquer the storm with His help and grace.
Full Score Piano and Trio/$10 

16. Soon Coming King (Soon-Coming-King)
Arr. for High, Medium, and Low Voices as an A Cappella Choir and/or Piano, Flute, Clarinet, and Strings
Moderate Tempo
If you are longing for the return of Christ, then this worshipful chorus will lift your heart and fill your heart with joy. It flows along like a quiet river with two completely different melody lines. These are soon combined to give a pleasing counterpoint effect. The melodies alone are very simple, but when put together they form a satisfying harmony that is completed with the addition of a third part. It can be sung as a simple a cappella piece, with piano alone, or with additional instruments.
Conductor’s Score: 3 Part Harmony and Piano and Instruments/$20.00 

Choir Part/$5 

Piano Part/$5 

17. Can I Stand Idly By? (Can_I_Stand)
Arr. for SATB with Woodwinds, Brass, Strings, Piano, and Cymbals.
We all know it-Time doesn’t stand still. We are all continually moving forward toward Eternity. This song emphasizes the importance of sharing the gospel with others so that their final destination will be Heaven. The cello and strings reflect Time moving forward, gently, but inexorably. The woodwinds and brass have plenty of opportunities to carry the melody and are often interwoven with the recurring theme of “Win the lost!” From mezzo piano to double forte, from a cappella moments to full orchestra, this piece is meant to inspire Christians to always live their lives with an awareness of the Great Commission. We have the ability to change someone’s eternity with our words and our witness. May we never stand idly by and watch people die without the Lord. Share the joyful news that Jesus saves!
Conductor’s Score: Full Score Choir and Piano and Orch./$25.00 

Orch. Parts in Individual Format/$15.00 

Choir Part/$10.00 

Piano Part/$10.00