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The following MP3s were created from Finale files, but do not reflect the Human Playback Feature that makes a higher-quality recording. If you have Finale or several of the other programs they offer, you may purchase the file from us and create your own CD or digital file. Please email us if you are interested.

1. Amazed by the Wonder
Arr. for SATB with Piano Acc.

2. Be Thou Exalted
Arr. for SATB with Piano Acc.

3. Blue Skies All The Way
Arr. for SATB Choir or Quartet with Piano Acc.

4. Dare to Rise Above
Arr. for SATB, Flute, Clarinet, Full Brass, Strings, and Piano

5. Heaven Could Be More Wonderful
Arr. for SATB with Piano Acc.

6. Help Is On The Way
Arr. for SATB A Cappella Choir or Group.

7. He’s Still the Same
Arr. for Choir, Piano, and Strings

8. I Choose Faith
Arr. for Piano, Choir, Cello Trio

9. I Will Praise Thee O Lord
Arr. for SATB Choir with Piano Acc.
Also appropriate as a Congregational Chorus.

10. Into the Light
Arr. for SATB, Piano, and Flute

11. Loving Arms
Arr. for SATB Choir or Quartet

12. Morning Will Come
Arr. for SATB, Strings, Nylon Guitar, and Trumpet

13. One Flicker of Light
Arr. for SATB with Piano Acc.

14. Remembered No More
Arr. for SATB with Flute, Piano, Strings, Guitar, and Bass Violin
Also appropriate as a Solo, Quartet, or can be adapted as a Duet.

15. With This Storm in Mind
Arr. for Trio or Solo with Piano Acc.

16. Can I Stand Idly By?
Arr. for SATB with Woodwinds, Brass, Strings, Piano, and Cymbals.

17. Soon Coming King
Arr. for High, Medium, and Low Voices as an A Cappella Choir and/or Piano, Flute, Clarinet, and Strings