Christian Living --

Survival Kit for Students

A spiritual learning kit to prepare students, especially Christian students, to cope with the evolutionary indoctrination which may well be thrown at them as they advance to higher grade levels or go on to secular schools.

Walking in the Light

Walking in the Light consists of four separate sections designed to illustrate Scripturally, the will of God, Spiritual warfare between the flesh and the Spirit, the application of the mind of Christ to all that we do and the fulfillment of God's will through daily application in all things. Each section consists of Scripture, an illustration and commentary that will show you what to do and why, how to apply God's will, as well as the requirements for fulfillment.

Purposeful Singleness 

Inspiration, encouragement, and support for Christian singles who desire to live purposeful lives for Jesus Christ. originally started as a personal ministry of Michael and Janet Bronson (both lay-Christians). It has, however, taken on a life of its own. It has about 28,000 new visitors a month from over 130 countries. About 200,000 chapters are accessed a month. Mike works as a Correction Officer in a prison that was once known as the "Largest Walled Prison in the World." He has Associate Degrees in Science and in Computer Electronics (EET). He also graduated from New Tribes Missionís 4-year missionary training program (Bible School, Boot Camp, Jungle Camp, and Language School).