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The Parent Company

The Parent Company - helps parents train their children in the way they should go, building eternal values and life changing experiences that will allow them to fulfill God's will in their lives by truly understanding what it means to Walk in the Light. Biblically-based materials on a wide range of topics -- from how to be saved, to "Who is God," to the ABC's of creation. A great resource for use in the home.

Christian Parent's Network 

Bible based articles are designed to help you succeed in the most important career vocation of them all: Parenting! Why should parents need a website on how to Biblically teach and discipline their children? Sadly, modern society has lost touch with the common-sense Bible-based wisdom taken for granted by previous generations.

Focus On The Family 

There's more to Focus on the Family than meets the eye (or ear). Even those who listen regularly to the radio broadcast and have a fairly solid acquaintance with their purposes and philosophy might be surprised at the actual scope of activities and involvement. From humble and simple beginnings — a book on child discipline and a 25-minute weekly broadcast which first aired in 1977, Focus on the Family has grown and expanded over the years to include a wide array of separate ministries under its umbrella.

Understanding Your Teenager 

Our goal is to help teenagers by helping their parents. We want to help parents understand their kids better and stay connected.

Amazing Moms 

Free ideas for busy families. You'll find children's birthday parties, arts and crafts for kids, rainy day fun for families, party games, recipes for kids and easy activities. 

Articles and broadcasts on parenting at Campus Crusade for Christ's FamilyLife. Access to forums.


While on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ, Alan and Hui Meng wrote regular newsletters to inform their Church, friends and supporters about the happenings in their lives and ministries. The title “Blessed to be a Blessing” was first used in their newsletters in 1985 to reflect the nature of their lives and ministries ... the LORD has blessed them and they, in turn, to be a channel of blessings to others. They stopped writing when they left Campus Crusade in 1994. Alan started writing newsletters again in April 1996 with a focus on the Christian life and parenting.