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Blue Letter Bible

The idea of the Blue Letter Bible is that serious Bible study ought to start with the Bible. Therefore, the Blue Letter Bible starts with the Bible being the browser of other Bible study aids, such as commentaries. Verses that have study aids currently attached to them will be "blued" in the Bible. The "blueing" is accomplished by creating hyper-links from the verses to the study aids. References in the commentaries and other study aids will also be "blued." This allows for easy navigation between the Bible, study aids and back to the Bible. The theological basis for the commentaries and other study aids located on the website is that of classical, conservative, evangelical Christianity.


Providing a focal point of Christian related information on the Internet -- links to many of the wonderful sites that already contain Christian information.

The Biblical Studies Foundation

A non-profit organization founded for the purpose of distributing sound, evangelical Bible study materials in electronic format so those with small personal libraries or without access to a local Bible college or seminary library, etc., may have access to sound biblical studies from their home. Bible Study Tools's Bible Study Tools are designed to facilitate in-depth study and exploration of God's Word. As the largest resource of its kind on the Internet, this powerful free resource embodies our corporate mission: to equip people to grow in their faith and apply it practically in their lives.

Christian Theology Page

The hub for locating serious Christian theological activity on the Internet.

Gospel Communications' Bible Gateway

The Bible Gateway is a tool for reading and researching scripture online-- all in the language or translation of your choice! It provides advanced searching capabilities, allowing readers to find and compare particular passages in scripture, based on keywords, phrases, or scripture reference.

Free Online Bible Software

Online Bible consists of an electronic Bible & exhaustive Concordance. Search for any word, phrase or Strong's number in the Bible text. Manage search results in Verse Lists. Add your personal notes. Free of registration. No limit in use. Just download, use it and share it with your friends.

Utilizing various technologies, offers multi-search capability for over 80 volumes of Christian books. On top of that, it also offers over 7 million chronological and topical cross-referenced links, so you don't have to hunt through each book to find a related topic or chapter.

Tyndale House - Doorway of Biblical Studies

A great list of translations and original texts and other Biblical research resources. This is a massive Biblical studies links archive.

The Audio Bible

Alexander Scourby is a legend in narrative readings, whose incomparable voice is known throughout the world as "THE VOICE OF THE BIBLE." The fabled Scourby readings are now available on the Internet.

 New Testament Gateway 

The New Testament Gateway is a comprehensive directory of academic internet resources related to the New Testament. It is divided into (at present) nine sub-directories and dozens of pages, each relating to a specific topic. Every link is annotated. The annotations help users to pinpoint the information for which they are looking. The New Testament Gateway focuses on resources that will be of interest to both scholars and students of the New Testament.

IBS Verse Comparison 

Compare Versions / Translations -- Use this resource from the International Bible Society to quickly compare specific verses found in various versions of the English Bible.

The Linked Word Project 

(Bob Jones University) Click on the different bible passages to find out meanings of words, commentary, etc.

Bible Word Pronounciation Guide 

This valuable resource provides audio pronunciations of Bible words that are difficult to pronounce in today's culture. Alphabetically arranged.