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Independent Baptist Builders International, Inc. is a Georgia corporation, and has been created to see souls come to know Jesus Christ as Savior, to see lives forever changed to serve God, to see missionaries encouraged and helped, and our ultimate goal for every act of service -- to give glory to God.

Missionary works are assisted in development by the construction of buildings (primarily church structures) by volunteers who have donated their time and expenses to participate in a project. The projects generally require a one-week commitment from each participant. During the week, a carefully prepared series of devotional lessons is presented on a daily basis. The intent is to develop openness with the Holy Spirit through insight into the Word of God. In addition to the spiritual development of participants who are already committed to Christ, the process extends to those who do not yet know Him personally. Clear Gospel presentations are a vital part of the process, and participants are encouraged to use the resources of the ministry as an outreach to lost souls through the enlistment as volunteers.

In addition to typical construction needs, IBBI also provides quick response to emergency needs, like those experienced as a result of the devastation from hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, etc.

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