by Dr. James R. White

This ministry seeks to be "front line" in speaking the truth through publications, webcasts, tracts and tapes. James White engages in scholarly debate with leading apologists, seeking not only to show the clear light of truth upon error, but to encourage the Christian in their faith and their own apologetic responsibility. Dr. White is the director of Alpha and Omega Ministries, based in Phoenix, Arizona.  He is a professor, teaching Greek, Hebrew, and apologetics. He has authored more than a dozen books, including Letters To A Mormon Elder, The King James Only Controversy, The Forgotten Trinity, The Potter's Freedom, and The God Who Justifies.  He is an elder of the Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church, and is married to Kelli, and has two children, Joshua and Summer.

Permission for on-line reproduction granted January 1997.

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Forward -- Nearly everyone likes to read someone else's mail. James White allows us to look over his shoulder as he writes a series of friendly and penetrating letters addressed to a Mormon elder who might be any one of the many he has met. He draws upon hundreds of hours of discussions with Mormon missionaries and dedicated members of the Mormon Church encountered through his work with Alpha and Omega Ministries.

We urge you to peek over James' shoulder and follow the vital truths he presents.

From the FORWARD,
by Reverend Wesley P. Walters
August, 1990

Reverend Wesley Walters, passed away shortly after writing this foreword. His great service to the cause of Christ shall be remembered by all who knew him.

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Letter #1

What is Truth?

Letter #2

But it IS Translated Correctly

Letter #3

Errors in God's Word?

Letter #4

The Doctrine of God: Monotheism vs. Polytheism

Letter #5

Elohim and Jehovah: One God

Letter #6

Latter-day Revelation and the First Vision

Letter #7

Further Testing of Joseph Smith, "the Prophet"

Letter #8

The Book of Mormon and the Book of Abraham

Letter #9

Come Let us ReasonTogether

Letter #10

Meet the Awesome God of the Bible

Letter #11

But the Bible Says . . .

Letter #12

The Truth about Jesus Christ

Letter #13

The Atonement of the Lord Jesus

Letter #14

The Gospel of the Grace of God in Christ Jesus

Letter #15

Faith, Works, Justification

Letter #16

Questions from a Friend

Letter #17

Grace, Grace, Grace

Letter #18

The Mission President Speaks

Letter #19




The LDS position on the Virgin Birth

A revealing discussion about the LDS position that Elohim, God the Father, had "relations" with Mary, resulting in her pregnancy and the birth of Jesus Christ. James discusses the implications of this teaching.


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